This self-made millennial millionaire hopes to own a professional sports team by age 35, and he’s well on his way. 

Harrison Rogers may not hold a high school diploma, but the young entrepreneur and owner of multiple successful businesses prides himself on taking the untraditional path. Nowadays, he stands firmly at the helm of Lexington LLC, an innovative educational institution that caters to Arizona’s special needs community, HYBRYD, a technology-based startup company that focuses on office automation services intended to help modern business owners and managers streamline their day-to-day duties, and LCI Realty, a rapidly growing real estate brokerage that focuses on commercial property management and investments.


Often referred to as an “endless dreamer,” this 28-year-old entrepreneur, commercial real estate guru and all-around good guy is not one to rest on his laurels, despite having three thriving businesses, plans for several more and a full-size family of six to support at home. He’s currently expanding his three companies nationwide, with plans of taking at least one company public this year. He launched his first successful business, a carpet-cleaning company, at the age of 17, and he will continue his rise to the top in the years ahead, setting lofty goals for himself along the way. On the calendar in the coming years are up to five new business launches including an insurance company and an entertainment venue, and the former MMA competitor also looks to fight for the ownership rights of the Phoenix Suns before he hits the age of 35.

Dropout, dreamer and doer.



Value Dedication.


Help Thousands of Americans.


Simplify Business.

Help thousands of America’s underserved develop the skills needed to live independently

Prove the value of hard work and dedication and how those are more valuable than a degree

Streamline and simplify common business issues and transactions


Champion Culture.


Dream Big. Real Big.

Create an admirable work culture focused on positivity and inclusivity

Rogers aims to own the Phoenix Suns by age 35

About Hybryd Systems

Thousands of homes are safe and secure thanks to Harrison and his team at Hybryd Systems. Launched in 2016, Hybryd Systems is a technology-based home and office automation service intended to help today’s businesses and educational institutions streamline their processes and simplify their day-to-day operations. Headed by Arizona’s own Harrison Rogers, Hybryd Systems is an indispensable resource for today’s modern business owners and managers.

About Lexington LLC

Launched in 2012, Lexington LLC was initially created to provide in-home services to Arizona’s growing autistic community. In the time since, the company has acquired numerous commercial real estate gains and expanded into a 300-employee provider of both in-home and in-facility services for this largely underserved population. The Lexington Life Academy falls under the Lexington LLC umbrella of services and provides K-12 education to autistic student in six locations spanning Arizona (with three more in the works). The school continues to broaden its resources with new therapies and behavioral and mental health departments and has plans to expand nationwide, and administrators are currently in the process of procuring and establishing “independent living” centers for Arizona and the nation’s autistic adults.

About LCI Realty

LCI Realty is a commercial and residential property management company and brokerage that offers comprehensive management and sales services to businesses and oversees the operation and control of companies throughout Arizona and nationally. Launched in 2009 and led by Rogers, LCI Realty looks to expand its operation in the coming months and years, with plans to employ thousands of brokers, property managers and agents and provide services for thousands of commercial and residential properties from coast to coast.



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